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Buddha Jams is a fully immersive spritual, cultural and communal experience. Inspired by the connection, excitement, and overall vibes of your favorite musical festivals, our studio is a space to celebrate yoga, music, life, and most importantly, ourselves. At Buddha Jams, the voice of every individual comes together in harmony to create our song. It's only when we sing together that we can hear the true sound of Aum.

We offer a rad lineup of Yoga classes or Jams as we call them, Zumba, drum circles, wellness services, and performances that enrich the soul. Our teachers are artists, one of a kind and unique at their craft, all bringing something electric to the studio.

Entrepreneur and Yogi Jason Samel, Owner of Buddha Jams is a renowned record and concert producer as well as Yoga Instructor.  When COVID gripped the globe like so many others Jason turned inward, began to face his past traumas, and became extremely depressed. A large man at 5'6" tall 235 pounds and in the worst mental health state of his life Jason felt like he was out of options.  Then one day he sat down on a beach, took some breaths, stretched, looked deep within and quickly fell in love with the practice. Only 6 months later after practicing yoga and meditation at least 2 hours every day Jason lost 75 pounds, and fell into the greatest physical, emotional, and spiritual shape of his life. 

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Jason knew almost immediately that he wanted to share his love and passion for what yoga did for him with all else so they too may experience the healing the path provides. The concept of Buddha Jams came to Jason when he realized it is the same beautiful space one enters when practicing yoga as we do as musicians when we jam.  It is in that space where we are free from thought and body, and we become aware of our oneness with all.

Located in Glen Cove, New York Buddha Jams Yoga is an over 5,000 sq facility of indoor and outdoor studios, community, and retail space. Our space is handicap accessible with ramps and 2 ADA accessible bathrooms.  Buddha Jams is in one of the busiest shopping centers on the North Shore of Long Island with well over 100 parking spaces available easily accessible from all points of Long Island.  Our space boasts an open space of over 3,000 sq ft which can be further sectioned off into over 10 different studio configurations, as well as 2 changing rooms and and 2 private rooms.  

Buddha Jams Yoga will host many community events including live music yoga classes/jams, poetry readings, community conversations, art galleries and so much more.  


Buddha Jams has 2 stages, and 3 separate sound systems totaling 12 speakers and nearly 2,000 watts of sound to accommodate a variety of events. Please inquire with management for rental of our space for your event! We have a great deal of experience producing incredible events and wed love to help you make yours a reality.

We also have 2 rooms available for private wellness visits with our incredible team of healers.


Join our community, our Sangha, our family.

Buddha Jams is your one-stop-shop for the ultimate vibes every single day. When you step into our space, you will step into YOUR voice and YOUR power. 

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