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Jason Samel

Yoga Artist

Jason Samel, Owner of Buddha Jams Yoga and our headlining artist is a RYT 200 certified yoga teacher trained in Vinyassa, by Always at Aum yoga school. When COVID gripped the globe, like so many others Jason turned inward, began to face his past traumas, and became extremely depressed. A large man at 5'6" tall 235 pounds and in the 

worst mental health state of his life, Jason felt like he was out of options.  Then one day he sat down on a beach, took some breaths, stretched, looked deep within and quickly fell in love with the practice. Only 6 months later after practicing yoga and meditation at least 2 hours every day Jason lost 75 pounds, and fell into the greatest physical, emotional, and spiritual shape of his life. 


Parham Delijani

Licensed Acupuncturist and Healing Artist 

Parham's slight healing touch, or even glance is enough to change your energy for the better. Parham has studied Classical Acupuncture with the great master Jeffrey Yuen for many years, and is a BSc and MSc.  Parham also holds a gemological degree and is a licensed Gemologist. One of {parham's favorite and unique healing techniques is achieved through meditation and a healing gem machine. 

Better known to his clients as Parham the Healer, his power within and connection with all is felt by all who are fortunate enough to spend time with him.


Lorraine Aguilar

Yoga Physical Therapist

Lorraine’s life work has been as a Physical Therapist, yoga Therapist, educator , Meditation and Alignment based yoga teacher. She has been on a life path of spiritual exploration, and healing which has included many traditions, modalities and practices.  Most recently she studies A Course in Miracles and Non-dual philosophy.

Lorraine is the founder of Yoga Flow Studio.  She combines her 30 years of experience to create A unique system of Yoga Therapeutics. Sessions are geared towards each individuals needs Sessions can include Postural & alignment evaluation, hands on physical therapy, Therapeutic Alignment principles for yoga, breath work and soulful inquiry.


MCSW and Yoga Artist

June Perry is a licensed clinical social worker and trained yoga instructor. She began practicing yoga in 2014 and loves to help others on their journey of self discovery.  She specializes in trauma, mental health and substance abuse recovery in the context of yoga instruction and talk therapy.

She holds degrees from Boston University and SUNY Stony Brook, and received her 200 hour RYT with Always At Aum in 2021.  Favorite band: NIN

June Perry


Brian Lenihan

Yoga Artist

My yoga journey began in 2008 when I suffered a back injury and had nowhere else to turn my degree is in exercise physiology I went to Monmouth University in New Jersey. owever I never really learned about Yoga a friend of mine convinced me to go and that’s where my journey began!

I immersed myself in the yoga and got certified in 2010. Immediately I felt stronger and in a lot less pain! I receive my 200 hour training and then after that I did my 300 hour Vanisa training.  My balance and awareness improved also! I have come to believe that Yoga is  a lifelong practice that provides opportunities for spiritual, emotional and physical growth! I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you! My favorite bands are the Grateful Dead and Prince!


JoAnna  Christa

Yoga Artist

I am a dancer, singer, & writer, as well as a health coach, reiki master, & yoga instructor. My primary intention with teaching yoga is to help others deepen the connection with their bodies. I believe our bodies have a deep wisdom, an encoded knowledge that likely can't be figured out with "mind" alone. I feel the body knows what it needs & how to heal itself, & as we deepen our connection with the body, 

we connect deeper with our truth & our mission. This is why the practice I share is intended to help people strengthen the connection with their bodies, to learn how to listen, & let the body be the guide. It is a work of true surrender, to put logical thinking as secondary & the body's inner wisdom as primary. In class, this practice might manifest as moving very slowly, inviting in free movement from certain poses, & much more. I am very excited & honored to be sharing this work, & I hope to see you in class! Blessings.

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Emily Canales

Yoga Artist

Hi! I’m Emily, a yoga instructor at Buddha Jams!  Yoga has allowed me to tune into my spirituality and direct me onto the path of mindfulness.  I started practicing yoga for the physical aspect, but as I kept practicing, I noticed the shift that was happening mentally and brought it into my everyday life. 


Simone Sanchez

Yoga Artist

Simone began guiding students in yoga in 2018. She loved the healing energy it offered her and felt compelled to share it with others. Her dynamic flow style connected to inspiring music is what keeps for students coming back. 
Simone is completing an 800 hour yoga therapy training where she is skilled in combining the healing tools of yoga and applying them to medical ailments of all types in a therapeutic way. 


Yoga Artist

Jen Streim

Jen Streim was influenced by 15 years of inspirational Instructors and now looks at teaching yoga as a way of giving back to her community to help people find their inner peace. Jen brings her unique sense of empowerment to each of her vinyasa flow yoga classes.  Setting intentions, use of pranayama and asana to move deeper on and off 

the mat. Each class is uniquely designed to recharge, empower, challenge, and provoke thoughts and self-awareness. Classes challenge students both physically and mentally with sequences designed with intentionally scripted music with special attention to alignment and flow. Jen has a distinctive approach to each of her vinyasa classes, where she can work with beginners and seasoned yogis alike to create an inclusive environment for all yogis to practice together through her step by step approach to each of her yoga classes.


Desiree Durand

Zumba Artist

My passion for personal and health fitness has always been high.  I love to work out and decided to share my passion and excitement with everyone else!  In 2011, I became a licensed Zumba and Zumba Gold instructor.  The moment the music starts playing, the party begins in my class.  My enthusiasm, choreography and playlist will make you 

forget you are exercising.  The best feeling is when I watch my students enjoying my class and knowing they are all taking a step in living a better and healthier life.  In addition to being a licensed Zumba instructor, I am also certified in ACE Group Fitness . I teach other classes such as HIIT, Tone & Sculpt and Blast Off classes.  I am SO excited to bring my Zumba class to Buddha Jams.  


Patti Giordano

Yoga Artist

Has taught in the gold coast community for nearly 25 years since first being certified in 1998 in the ISHTA Yoga tradition with Alan Finger.  Her ongoing study of anatomy, meditation and philosophy inspires, shapes, and influences my teaching style.  You'll find that my classes vary but always include focusing on breath, specific alignment instructions, fun 

Self-Mastery.  She brings vast experience with teaching meditation, and running classes throughteaching meditation, and running classes through Living Lotus Group, and Living Lotus Coaching.  It is her Dharma to help people live by design, not by default. She lives by the mantra; "today is the day to create the tomorrow you desire."

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Catherine Epstein

Healing Artist

Meet Catherine Epstein.  Graduate Gemologist (GIA),

Reiki Master, Crystal Practitioner, Sound Healer and Transformational Life Coach.  Serving the Buddha Jams community as advisor, practitioner and workshop facilitator. Her passion is helping people to make peace with themselves through Mindfulness, Meditation and 

Self-Mastery.  She brings vast experience with teaching meditation, and running classes throughteaching meditation, and running classes through Living Lotus Group, and Living Lotus Coaching.  It is her Dharma to help people live by design, not by default. She lives by the mantra; "today is the day to create the tomorrow you desire."


Marni Goldner

Yoga and Meditation Artist

Marni began practicing yoga in 2010.  She became an RYT in Hot Yoga; a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher in 2015 and a certified Yoga Nidra  in 2021.  It is Marni’s vision to carry the healing, transformative, and uplifting practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to all those who wish to experience a heightened sense of

peace, connection, and Self-love. And for those who seek more profound levels of healing, her classes provide a safe and nurturing space for exploring solutions that bring relief to the struggles of addiction, trauma, and other emotional difficulties.