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Jason Samel

Yoga Artist

Jason Samel, Owner of Buddha Jams Yoga and our headlining artist is a RYT 200 certified yoga teacher trained in Vinyassa, by Always at Aum yoga school. When COVID gripped the globe, like so many others Jason turned inward, began to face his past traumas, and became extremely depressed. A large man at 5'6" tall 235 pounds and in the 

worst mental health state of his life, Jason felt like he was out of options.  Then one day he sat down on a beach, took some breaths, stretched, looked deep within and quickly fell in love with the practice. Only 6 months later after practicing yoga and meditation at least 2 hours every day Jason lost 75 pounds, and fell into the greatest physical, emotional, and spiritual shape of his life. 


David Mainenti

Yoga, acupuncture, Qi Gong

David is an energy guru plain and simple.  An incredible Qi Gong master, Yoga instructor, feng shui expert, and so much more. Come expereince his Qi Gong on Saturdays, Yoga on Sundays, or get an accupunture treatment from him any time youd like.

Brian Lenihan

Yoga Artist

My yoga journey began in 2008 when I suffered a back injury and had nowhere else to turn my degree is in exercise physiology I went to Monmouth University in New Jersey. owever I never really learned about Yoga a friend of mine convinced me to go and that’s where my journey began!

I immersed myself in the yoga and got certified in 2010. Immediately I felt stronger and in a lot less pain! I receive my 200 hour training and then after that I did my 300 hour Vanisa training.  My balance and awareness improved also! I have come to believe that Yoga is  a lifelong practice that provides opportunities for spiritual, emotional and physical growth! I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you! My favorite bands are the Grateful Dead and Prince!


Kristina Constantino

Yoga Artist

Kristina's journey through the practicemof yoga has been an exploration of the places where science and spirit meet, and with every human BE-ing's birthright to live a life of joy, purpose, and greatest potential.

With over two decades of study, trainings, and immersion, 

Kristina received her YTT-200 Vinyasa Yoga certification in 2014 with Dana Flynn at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center NYC and KRI Kundalini Yoga certification in 2016 with master yogi Hari Kaur at HariNYC. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of education and is certified to teach kids yoga.

Through tpractices of yoga, deep pranayama and meditation, sound therapies, poetry, music, mythology, and storytelling, the yoga experiences Kristina creates help transport students to portals within themselves waiting for entrance. Save containers for self-study, deep relaxation and life healing are benefits of this practice.  It is her privilege to guide students to discover and cultivate their own inner flame and promote true benefits to the body, mind, and spirit.


Michelle Kodhai

Yoga Artist

Always an old soul and yogi at heart, Michelle formally completed her 200ryt at Om Sweet Om in 2009 with Gail Grossman and Lisa Bondy. She then completed her 300 hr in 2015 with embodied flow in Paros, Greece with Tara Juelle and Scott Lyons.  She has studied and pracitce with Masters Leslie Kaminoff, Marc Holzman, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Rodney & Colleen Yee, and Jai Sugrim. She is eternally grateful to her every day little Gurus at her speical needs district 75 school, where she is honored to teach and practice.


Simone Sanchez

Yoga Artist

Simone began guiding students in yoga in 2018. She loved the healing energy it offered her and felt compelled to share it with others. Her dynamic flow style connected to inspiring music is what keeps for students coming back. 
Simone is completing an 800 hour yoga therapy training where she is skilled in combining the healing tools of yoga and applying them to medical ailments of all types in a therapeutic way. 


Yoga Artist

Donna Rovegno

Donna's passion for yoga and meditation began nearly 20 years ago. She completed her RYT-200 teacher training through Hofstra University, and RYT - 300 through Always At-Aum Yoga School.  She is also power pilates mat certified and uses all of her knowledge to serve her students.  

Upon learning of a heart condition, she started to practice yoga as part of her self care, and thus began the journey that transformed her life. Donna's broad background has allowed her to teach a multitude of populations and communities, in groups and privately, including athletes, seniors citizens, mental health, restorative, and her fun favorite, children. Her passion for this healing art and the therapeutic benefits it provides has enriched her life and allowed her to share this joy with others.


Michelle Faber

Yoga Artist

I have ben practicing yoga since 2003. I have trained with a very diverse group of teachers across long Island and beyond. I took a 40 hour Ashtanga Yoga training with Jabari Hakeem in 2005.  Over the years I have enhanced my education through working with Beryl Bender Birch, David Swenson, Bryan Kest & others. In 2013 I completed my 200 hour training in Ashtanga & Vinyasa with Michael Aronoff at Awaken Yoga & Meditation center. 

 In 2016 I also completed a 300 hour teacher training at Awaken Yoga. I enjoy teaching yoga, trauma informed yoga, yoga nidra, and so much more.  When students come to my classes they can expect to feel safe, taken care of, and listened to. I offer a broad range of posters to suit all yogi's practices.  My favorite bands are Guns N Rose & Buckcherry.


Patti Giordano

Yoga Artist

A mom with two beautiful grown children, and a wonderful husband. I love yoga, biking, hiking, snorkeling skiing, and traveling; exploring and experiencing this wonderful world.  Yoga has been the bedrock in my life for the past 25 years.  Im certified in the ishta Yoga tradition, however I've studied numerous other styles and traditions which all influence the way I teach. Sharing what I learn is a joy.  

My class themes vary but include focus on the breath, specific alignment instruction, graceful vinyasa flows, short meditations, and savasna.

I encourage my students to open their hearts, to be conscious of how they feel in each moment, to play with their edge, and most of all experience joy!  I believe yoga plants the seed for us to grow with the flow of grace and wonder in the world around us, to be more kind and caring toward ourselves, and all beings. I am graterful to be part of our beautiful worldwide yoga community.


Marni Goldner

Yoga and Meditation Artist

Marni began practicing yoga in 2010.  She became an RYT in Hot Yoga; a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher in 2015 and a certified Yoga Nidra  in 2021.  It is Marni’s vision to carry the healing, transformative, and uplifting practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to all those who wish to experience a heightened sense of

peace, connection, and Self-love. And for those who seek more profound levels of healing, her classes provide a safe and nurturing space for exploring solutions that bring relief to the struggles of addiction, trauma, and other emotional difficulties.

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