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Glen Cove's Yoga Festival Is The Most Connected and Unique Yoga Experience Available

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Welcome to the Jams.

Buddha Jams Yoga is all about LIVING in a state of consistent communal connection, culture, and spiritual freedom. Our studio is an immersive experience designed to enlighten and fill body, mind, and spirit with  positive energy and vibes. Our lineup and events are unparalleled, so let's jam!


Our lineup of Certified Yoga Teachers or as we like to call them artists are just that. Each of our artists embody a beautiful and vast sense of creativity and excitement. Buddha Jams Yoga offers a diverse lineup of artists with backgrounds in Hatha, Vinyassa, Ashtanga, Yin, Forest, Iyengar, Yoga Nidra, Pre Natal, and other disciplines. our promise to you is that at Buddha Jams, there is a Jam for everyone.

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Yoga is connection to all which is. To practice yoga is to discover and embrace our oneness, and once discovered to live in that state there out. Buddha Jams Yoga is a community of like minded individuals who wish to not simply practice yoga asana, but bring what we learn in practicing all 8 limbs of yoga into each and every moment of our existence.  


When we don't take conscious care of our bodies' physical, emotional, and spiritual health, we fall into imbalance.  Buddha Jams Yoga has carefully curated some of the most unique and connected wellness professionals available. We are the only wellness team in New York to offer Acupuncture, Gem Therapy, Physical TherapYoga, Group and Individual Talk TherapYoga, Sound Bath Healings, Reiki and more.

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Buddha Jams Yoga provides our community with amazing events every week. We will produce live music yoga jams (classes), free community conversations about life and yogic philosophy, drum circles, open mic poetry readings, art galleries and so much more.  We are a space to come and learn, love, commune, hang and most importantly,  celebrate our universal connection to one another.


Our vendor tents are carefully curated and ready with Buddha Jams gear including yoga equipment, percussion instruments from across the globe, our connected crystal collection, amazing clothing for the jammer and beyond, and of course lots, and lots, and lots of Buddhas! 

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Buddha Jams merchandise is all printed and stitched at local shops using the most comfortable apparel available.  T-shirts, hats, sweats, knit caps, skirts, hoodies, yoga mats, water bottles... and so much more...  Shop now and take the jam  with you wherever you go!

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