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Kids Yoga is ONLY $20 a class or $59 a month unlimited Classes

School Kids Meditating

Buddha Jams Kids Yoga provides a safe, encouraging and enjoyable experience for children to learn yoga at their level.  Every yoga session is tailored to meet each child where they are.  Let us bring the gift of yoga to the children in your life. Our kids program is focuses on the following elements:

•     Grounding and Centering

•     Body Awareness and Breathing              

•     Mindfulness, Meditation and Visualization        

•     Self Soothing and Relaxation       

•     Sense of Community and Inclusion Grades 


“Yoga provides kids with an empowering venue for expressive, imaginative and nurturing play.” 
          (Donna Rovegno, Buddha Jams Kids Yoga Director)


Buddha Jams currently offers our Kids Yoga to ages 7-12 y/o.  (Please inquire within if you have younger children interested) Each session provides an age appropriate program using games, activities, themes, participation, interaction and imagination. Using yoga poses for strengthening, balancing and flexibility, while cultivating body awareness and techniques for stress relief and relaxation through accessible meditation techniques great for everyone, all while having fun.

Children in Classroom
Yoga Class

***Looking for a kids customized yoga program, party, or personal group, (ie: parent/child, scouts, club, sports team, tweens, teens, kids birthday, etc)?  Our experienced event producers can customize and create an incredible event in our 4,000 sq foot space perfect for your kids to have the most memorable and meaningful event ever! Just give us a call today!

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